Lost my girl, once she went black

My girl had always gone out and got off with other men, she was over-sexed, for me, at least! My girlfriend, myself and an few others came back to ours after a night out. We had been clubbing with friends and whilst out she was teasing me by saying she fancied this other guy who was in our group. My girl had already been flirting and dancing with this fit black guy all night, I didnt really take much notice at the time as we were in a crowded club. But, shock horror, he ends up being a friend of a friend and ends up back at ours. After everyone had left it was the three of us and when he left the the room for a moment she asked me straight out if she could fuck him, we had discussed her fucking other black men and the idea of me taking part but until then I thought it would remain a fantasy. How wrong I was.

My interracial girlfriend
My interracial girlfriend

4 thoughts on “Lost my girl, once she went black”

  1. Your girlfriend is hot! U should encourage her to fuck more black cocks! I’m gettin off right now thinkin about her fucking more black men and possibly having their baby.

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